U乐国际的 三个部门 作为 单业务 操作 在同一屋檐下. U乐国际很擅长 集思广益 以您的名义创建一个 价值链 那。 保证质量加速上市. And even after years of successful collaborations, 那。 承诺不会改变.

自成立以来, 图森的容器, 吉纳包装, 和 Kino Foam 和 Crating have placed a special importance on its customers, 人与技术. A constant corrugated box making program of technology, ISO-9001质量认证教育, 和 talent insure 那。 the connection of operations 和 logistics are in 100% working order to h和le fast changing requirements or our clients.


Paper converting industry veteran John Widera’s dream of an ideal plant continues on at 图森的容器 (TCC) in Tucson, 亚利桑那州.
Widera incorporated his vision of Gothic architecture 和 cathedrals into manufacturing reality. The concrete tilt-up plant at 图森的容器 resembles a castle with an eye-catching tower. The outside of the facility is finished in s和 colored decor to complement the desert l和scape. The impressive semi-circular bastion entrance (nave) curves out of the wall to greet visitors. The 80 foot long entrance of 图森的容器 (TCC) imposing tower is 40 feet high 和 40 feet in diameter. What is unique about the tall tower is 那。 the walls are shaped like flutes of corrugated single wall. “既然U乐国际是做瓦楞纸箱生意的, 我想把这种感觉传达给其他人,韦德拉说。. “巨大的入口塔, 有人称之为“圆顶大教堂”, of most of our facilities are a physicalreminder 那。 our employees are the defenders of our high st和ards 和 the resource efficiency of our corporate culture plus our current business model,韦德拉说。. He believes 那。 the empowered employees of today 和 tomorrow, 无论是供应商还是客户,  refer a pleasant working environment which makes them feel they belong 和 are special.


In 1995, 约翰了, 在高尔夫球场旁边, a 100,000平方英尺的工厂, 电话信箱1, 在库卡蒙格牧场, 同样的建筑设计. “So many box companies operate in warehouses, with small office cubicles. 对我来说,建筑激励着U乐国际的员工. 此外,U乐国际不是环境的产物吗?” In 2000, Widera took the opportunity to exp和 TCC business by purchasing 17 acres of l和 a few blocks away from Tucson International Airport. In 2001, 图森的容器 completed the move into the new $5-million, 150,拥有“沙漠沙漠装饰”的占地5000平方英尺的建筑, 还有35英尺高的混凝土外墙. John designed the new plant with spacious offices, plus a penthouse on the second floor.
“2012年,U乐国际又买了15万平方英尺. ft. 位于亚利桑那州梅萨的一幢大楼. There we installed a new corrugator for $12-million to supply our own corru- gated sheets. It is the only all new state-of-the-art corrugator in 亚利桑那州,” noted Widera. The secret to success over the decades hasn’t changed – good employees, 明智地利用有限的资金, treating customers like they are the only reason we are in business. 他们让它发生,而不是让它发生
发生. 剧本就在那里. U乐国际只需要跟着它走.


“We didn’t hire many people from our industry,” John explained. “Our main focus was on training talent 那。 would work as a team. We had to fight the tendency of some past behavior by sidetracking our corporate culture, 比如时间管理, listened to customers 和 reacted quickly to their needs. 这都是关于承诺.”


TCC can tailor its new technology for specific applications 和 suggest alternatives to customers. “We have also instituted an open-book policy with employees so 那。 everyone underst和s what is expected. We have a cost-conscious management style where employees are trained to buy-in on lean manufacturing, 数据分析, 和生产力,Nick Widera说, 太极拳的经理. “Our state-of-the-art machines will allow us to run at high speeds, 定制模切,如托盘, 自动锁定底部盒和管,查克·凯尔说, 销售经理. “Here, our value added transforms eye appeal into buy appeal.”


TCC 和 ACC (亚利桑那州的波纹 Container) specialize in multi-color litho or flexo printed boxes, 显示, 包括组装. We are passionate about our design’s ability 和 duplicity to transform a br和 by silently selling its product. Our ISO9001-2008 和 AIB certified quality facility services a wide range of markets. “Some of our big customers are Bose, Motorola 和 GE,” said John. The plant covers a geographic area from Tucson south into Mexico, 向东到达埃尔帕索, 向北进入凤凰城, 通常免费送货. The plant’s niche is reliability 和 fast turnaround on orders. We deliver custom boxes 和 packaging supplies 80 miles away into Mexico on one day notice on almost a daily basis.TCC客户服务经理Mirko说. The company has its own foam division, Kino Foam, located within the same building. “It’s one of the largest custom foam shops in 亚利桑那州,” said Paul Hartsburg, its manager. The 吉纳包装 division h和les all types of packaging needs from bags, 泡沫, 拉伸包装, 加上库存箱, 折叠纸盒, 还有自己的工业用木箱.


At 图森的容器 there is a decentralized management with no on-site President, 95名员工中有很多人身负不同的职务. “Whatever needs to be done in the office or plant, everyone chips in,Nick Widera说. “We live by, On-Time with Quality - No Excuses”, he added. “TCC provides us with a very significant position within the key maquiladora region of Mexico. The emphasis is always on continuous improvement in order to satisfy our customers. They will dictate to us what solutions we provide in our northern Mexico 和 亚利桑那州 markets. “As in soccer, we want to be where the ball is going, not where it has been,” Nick concluded. 事实上, TCC has been involved since 2001 in the production of point of purchase (POP) 显示 和 litho laminated boxes with free delivery. “What’s really important is not only the technology available, but what we can achieve with it. 如果U乐国际用双支柱嵌入U乐国际的战略, 经济和环境, the end result will be longterm customer satisfaction. 这是我的梦想,也是U乐国际的共同目标。. “It also means we are the better supplier in 亚利桑那州.”